About Kimchurry

What is Kimchurry?

A portmanteau of kimchi:

kim·chi – noun

Korean. “gimchi김치 a spicy pickled or fermented mixture containing cabbage, onions, and sometimes fish, variously seasoned, as with garlic, horseradish, red peppers, and ginger.

And curry:


Tamil. “kaRi” கறி  East Indian Cookery. a pungent dish of vegetables, onions, meat or fish, etc., flavored with various spices or curry powder, and often eaten with rice.

Who is Kimchurry?

A pissed off Korean-American (Kimchi) and a pissed off Indian-American (Curry). This pungent, unholy alliance of pickled cabbage and masala aims at being the most dynamic and creative Desi-Korean collaboration since Harold and Kumar. Together, we fight crime. And blog about politics.

4 Responses to “About Kimchurry”

  1. OH~!

    Accidently, I find your website at nader’s homepage.
    In seoul,I am reading your article,point of view,about
    nader.Anyway I’m quite complaing about korean mass
    media.cause they are always interested in Major Two Party.
    Personally I m sick and tired of their “mocking bird voice”
    from established us media.I know there are lots of 3rd
    paty presidential nominee in us.But they are not broadcasted by media.Hmm,I think us media has same
    problems.Everywhere I visited us media websites,there
    are only obama,mccain,obama,maccain occasionaly
    palin…hmm anyway nice to visit your site.

    from ilikeSoJu

  2. Thanks for coming by, ilikeSoJu!

    I think you are right about the media, there is no coverage given to third parties, here or anywhere else. I’m amazed people living in Korea even know about Nader or the other nominees, since there are no broadcasts about them even in the US.

    PS I like soju too ^_^

  3. Hi! I came across your site through a Nader site too! I was intrigued because it seems most minorities (that I’ve know or read on the web) are all for Obama. I’m glad to see not ALL are blinded and falling into step to vote for the two main candidates. ^^ I was thinking the same thing as ilikeSoJu: most of the media coverage is just on Obama and McCain and nothing on other candidates. I had totally forgotten about Nader ’till a few days before I finally voted!
    Anyway, nice to meet you! And I’m going to go browsing around on your site now. ^^

  4. Hey Kim! Nice to meet you too! ^^ I agree, almost every minority I know voted for Obama. It’s definitely nice to know there are others out there who supported non-corporate candidates!

    Please stick around and feel free to comment on anything. 😀

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