Does America truly support Democracy?

While America may claim that it fights to preserve rights and establish democracies throughout the globe– then why is it when a democracy supports a leader through a voting process, America rejects them?

All across the media are the words “HAMAS MUST ACCEPT ISRAEL” or “HAMAS AS TERRORISTS.”

Why should they? First of all, historically speaking, Palestine was a secure and peaceful nation up until the Franco-British invasions of the Middle East. However, leaving that aside, during Woodrow Wilson’s presidency- the Balfour Agreement, which essentially handed Palestine, without the citizens’ consent, to the Zionists wanting to move into the region and create Israel. Politicians within England had opposed the Balfour Agreement, claiming that it would be an injurious and ridiculous move considering the region was so densely populated with Arabs that an ethnic cleansing of the inhabitants would be necessary in order to do as the Balfour Agreement/Zionists wanted- reclamation of Palestinian lands. Woodrow Wilson accepted and pressured the Foreign Secretary of England Arthur James Balfour to sign the agreement in 1917 in order to receive support from the Zionist lobby in America so he could secure a second term as president.

Not because America supported the idea of Jews returning to their homeland, which had always been there. Prior to the Balfour Agreement, Jews or anyone could live in Palestine alongside others safely. Its forgotten that Islam is not the only religion that exists there, but Christianity as well. Christians, Muslims and Jews- yes they have had their fare share of rivalries, but majority of the troubles they face in this century are results of colonialists exacerbating the contentions between the three religions.

More importantly- America supported an agreement purely for political motives. This is again what is happening today.

America invaded Iraq for oil, it is a well-established fact, but it concealed this motive with lies such as “bringing democracy to Iraq.” If that were true, if America truly meant that, then when an election did happen in Palestine, why have we not accepted the results? Hamas was elected by the majority in Gaza. They are the rightful rulers, yet, Hillary Clinton in her Senate Confirmation hearings claims that she cannot negotiate with them because they are non-state actors.”

This was taken from her full statement, which reads: ” When it comes to non-state actors like Hamas, as I said at the very end of the morning session, there are conditions. Hamas must renounce violence. They must recognize Israel, and they must agree to abide by all previous agreements. ”

Why should they recognize Israel, when Israel was created illegally, it was created on false pretexts. Both Britain and America assumed they had the right to just declare what happened in a country not their own, and gave the approval for Zionists settlers to violently move in and take over- just as they are doing right now.

Even rigid legalists must understand that all of the arguments against Hamas cannot be justified. They were elected within the legal system that the West enforced on the people there, just because you are unhappy with the victors is not a reason to murder them. Post WWI, when the Treaty of Versailles was constructed, France decided to punish Germany because it was not happy with the results of the war- and what happened?

Rapid inflation, a dissolved government, riots, people were so disillusioned that they fell prey to Hitler.

Who got hurt? Jews. Jews also fell prey to the Zionist lobby which has developed into AIPAC.

Now who gets hurt? The Palestinians. For no reason. What will be their future? Chaos? What will be the fate of those children whose only experience in the world is that at any second their life could be taken away? What will be product of a society whose ears only hear gun shos and bombs shot from Israel?

I know the common answer to that will be- wel they’re hearing their own rockets, because of Hamas.
That isn’t true, just look at numbers of people killed on both sides. Over 1,000 Palestinians have been murdered brutally, but only 13 Israelis- 4 of which died from “friendly fires.” The same 13 that died the first day, what does that mean?

That means the rockets Hamas are shooting and are not even touching the Israeli’s, why? Because they’ have the same power as a firecracker. Where would Hamas get weapons anyway? Water, Food and electricity have all been shut off from Gaza. Hamas was busy providing infrastructure, resources and schools to the suffering citizens, that is why they were elected.

Our legal structure also supports the right to defend, so Hamas’s response using their primitive and rather weak defense such as firecracker-level bombs is justified. Afterall, they were the refugees from the genocide after the Balfour Agreement. They have been struggling to defend themselves since colonial times, but they have never been given a fair battlefield or a fair fight. Even if the West isn’t happy with the election results, at least be diplomatic and deal maturely, not with violence that is completely one side. By flexing muscles, America is only creating a doomed future for themselves. Not only will the citizens in Palestine eventually grow stronger not because they necessarily have access to advanced weapons ( we are the ones using white phosphorous-not them!) but because of their will to exist and revolt against the colonial powers.

The future will stand bleak, as countries like Qatar, Mauritania and Venezula increasingly close ties with Israel, that is also a middle finger to America since Israel is our military base over there. It represents that anyone going against what the West wants will have an Israeli rocket in their face. As it is the prestige that once filled the image of America with dignity is beginning to resemble the mark of shame on Hester Prynne’s chest. Unfortunately, the rest of the world does not have the traditional and strict morality that allowed Puritans to scorn at those who didn’t carry themselves in the most ethical and moral manner- all fingers would be pointing to America. As long as countries begin to cut ties with America, the sinking ship’s turmoil will only continue. How will the deficit be paid off if no one wants to purchase American currency bonds? Or if countries created a blockade against America? It is in America’s best interest to defend its slogan of carrying on rights. Afterall, Arabs have said, they are willing to forgive, if they would just listen to their needs and ensure their right to their own land. For the sake of American values, STOP THESE WARS.

~ by Curry on January 17, 2009.

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