Crisis in Gaza

The crisis has reached its 21st of this uncalled for war on the Palestinian that were restricted to Gaza. For those that may not understand why Gaza is so densely populated, in a short sentence, during the the 1949 Israeli take over of Palestine, thousands were displaced from their homes and fled to Gaza. Upon taking advantage of those seeking refuge in Gaza, it become a contained prison and has been under tight control. Since the summer of 2007, Gaza was under a blockade in which exports of food was cut off, including electricity in water. Despite what Israel may claim as being a defense mechanism against Hamas, since Fatah lost the election to rule in Gaza, it was a planned blockade that would prelude the current crisis.

Watch the current news, notice that despite any attempt at a cease-fire is being dodged, not just by Israel but by Hamas as well– not out of will but because the truth is numerous cease fires have been issued. That is not a solution nor has it provided temporarily relief or security. Contrary to popular belief Israel broke the cease-fire on November 4th, the same day as the U.S. Presidential election night. That is not a coiniidence. Prior to being elected as the nominee for President, Obama had clearly stated his will to invade Pakistan and/or Iran. Olmert and Bush openly wanted to use this current war to somehow begin rocket firing at Iran, drone planes have already been attacking Pakistan for the past year.

Please realize that the current crisis is not meant to be an isolated event but can become a precursor to an unnecessary but very volatile global situation. Post-Iraq invasion, America lost most of its respect and has lost any inkling of it by offering a blank check to Israel. Arab nations may be fearing an American response and thus have chosen not to act aggressively in Palestine’s response, but other nations have:





( I am sure the list continues..)

If we choose to live in ignorance the global landscape will change around us and America will be left as a dying empire, with no allies, nor with any prospects. Even if you do not support the right for Palestinians to exist safely and to be able to return to their land, at least support America from making the biggest mistake of the century. Save it from its already tarnished reputation. Help to restore America.

Please give to United Palestinian Appeal


~ by Curry on January 17, 2009.

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