Obama’s Cabinet Sends a Dark Message

Ever since Obama has been announced as America’s future president for January 2009, there has been this sigh of relief by Americans, but why? Americans have relaxed their standards and their ease is rather unsettling, especially since Obama has already taken actions that will be injurious to those seeking refuge under the new administration. Obama’s choice for his cabinet are rather controversial and just downright eerie in certain situations.

Perhaps the worst choice on his part for South Asians, Middle Eastern/Arab, etc would be Rahm Emanuel. For conservatives hoping to continue the status quo then Rahm is considered an excellent choice, but he does have a rather dark side to him

Rob Reynolds, Al Jazeera’s senior Washington correspondent, said Emanuel was seen as a tough, hard nosed and highly partisan political operative known for his fiery temper with strong links to Israel.

He is the son of a Jerusalem-born doctor who was active in an underground Zionist organisation that fought the British in Palestine before the founding of Israel.

Emanuel represents the same militant force that has used American taxpayers’ money to fund unnecessary wars of dominance and attrition.  Please be aware that this not a statement against Jews, but a statement against those of the Zionist movement which is akin to the Nazi movement by Hitler. With figures like Emanuel in Obama’s cabinet, wars will not stop, instead more young American boys will be shipped out overseas to Iran, Pakistan, and who knows where-else? Emanuel has already made it clear he supports a mandatory military service for Americans between the ages of 18-25, and seeing that he does have a militant streak in him, American should be prepared for draft letters within the next couple of years. In 2004, the House declined a bill that would make it mandatory to serve in the miltary for two years, but it was introduced under the pretext that this would deter wealthy white Republicans from continuing these imperialist wars- since their protected kids like Jenna would have to serve as well.  It is a completely different story when a person like Rahm introduces such a bill– he is not looking to end wars but is aware that we have already stretched our military capacity and that we need more troops. He is only serving the interest of politicans like Cheney & Rumsefeld ontop and not caring about the lack of infrastructure and development that is crumbling day by day.  Just because Obama chose his cabinet, does not mean that Americans should allow him to do as he wishes, have standards, make your President serve you! Not the other way around!

I will have to continue more later..

~ by Curry on November 13, 2008.

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