US attacks Syria, Kills Civilians

Footage of the attack is in the videos above. Be warned that it contains some relatively graphic footage of the carnage left behind after the US attack.

Below is a brief interview with Dennis Kucinich, who condemned the attack, and has questioned the timing of the US raid given the proximity of the event to US elections.

I can’t believe the CNN doofus here has the temerity to call this a “precision attack” and try to act as if this sort of thing is somehow different from and better than the invasion of Iraq. What he’s doing, consciously or unconsciously, is supporting the same kind of logic that McCain and Obama use to support strikes in Pakistan—which have also killed civilians (and members of Pakistani military, ostensibly our allies).

The Syrian newscaster had it right—it’s always the innocent who suffer from these kind of war games. Uneducated, dirt poor Syrian workers, who had nothing and were probably just barely scraping by, have been made murdered in cold blood by the US government. To pretend that this is anything other than state-sponsored terrorism is disingenuous.


~ by Kimchi on October 30, 2008.

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