House Passes Bail Out Bill, What else do Tax Payers Have to Give up?

Now why would I have thought for one moment that I could have trusted our government to protect the rights of working and middle class Americans?

After watching the VP debate last night, and hearing Sarah Palin make hollow statements like “Never Again Americans! Be Careful of Predators Next Time!” I wanted to hurl. What Sarah was implying was that the blame of the mortgage crisis was in the hands of predator-banks? I don’t think so! The sub-prime mortgage crisis would not have occurred had more Americans been receiving money, from their jobs, from their government, but instead the average American has so many expenses that the last thing they might have money for is the roof over their heads. Perhaps if Republicans stopped believing in the ridiculous idea of Trickle Down Theory, they would realize that giving tax-cuts to the wealthy isn’t helping anyone at the bottom! As Ciny Sheehan recently said, “we need to gurgle from bottom to top!” And that’s true. The government should tax everyone equally, and return those tax dollars to Americans, all Americans, not just the wealthy who get to experience socialism, but to everyone. Provide the services for Americans, as we provide the money for the government. Isn’t it about time? All the other major, first world nations like Australia, Western Europe provide universal access to healthcare and education, why are we trailing behind? Why are Americans subject to third-world-country lifestyle? Okay, so maybe I have the liberty to marry whoever I want, but what does it matter if I can’t afford to get married? What does it matter! The only people left to benefit are the Republicans sitting ontop with their bloated incomes, and the foreigners that come here with enough money to make successful investments, that leaves about 75-90% of American citizens in a hole. That hole has now manifested itself in various areas, Hurricane Katrina and now this mortgage crisis that is not the Americans faults! So Sarah, don’t look at us and say “never again” turn to yourself and say “never again will I screw Americans over!” Think about, its not hard. In Econ 101 people teach you that jobs are created when the government invests in his own entity, we don’t have that. Republicans and libertarians cringe at the idea of government subsidies. What are Americans to do then? If all our money is going to the military-industrial complex, it appears that if we don’t die by a bullet overseas, we will die by the pollution of the working class  having to burn dollar bills soon for fuel….  After all inflation has not stop rising, just compare the ’97 dollar to the dollar of today.

That’s another thing I will elaborate more on later, the concept of using domestic resources, drilling up oil reserves is NOT A SOLUTION TO GLOBAL WARMING! Neither is ethanol, or anything that Chevron has come in the recent years. Americans need to learn already not to trust those on the top 10% who only seek to profit themselves. Young companies could emerge into a booming green industry, but if they allow corporations like Chevron or even Exxon Mobil to purchase all the patents to green technology, they will not be left with any chance to engineer their own careers. Instead, we will continue this corporate-slave relationship, and another mortgage crisis will happen in a few years, as money keeps being pumped to the top. This idea of the American Dream, that one if they work hard and believe in their politicians will rise, is not true and Americans really need to wake up to the truth. Hasn’t there been enough blood shed? Young American boys, mostly sons of immigrants who have nothing are dying by the day so that corporations can exploit new territories. The Iraq War is a not at true war, it is a war for Haliburton! Numerous books have been published showing this, one of them being Imperial Life in the Emerald City, by Rajiv Chandrasekaran, a conservative writer.

Stop chasing after the carrots politicians dangle in front of us, it will only perpetuate the hunger for life in this nation.


~ by Curry on October 4, 2008.

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