Sarah Palin Meets Joe Biden

Sarah Palin: What is she known for? Not much, aside from winning a beauty pageant. And so, realizing that she won’t be bowling over the Democrats with her vast knowledge of foreign policy*, she has decided instead to rely on…..

….her 12-yr-old girlish charm!

My sneaking suspicion is that Sarah Palin may not get ripped apart by Joe Biden, on the pretext that if he is agressive toward her than it will be counted as though Biden is being sexist and Obama and him will loose the Hillaristas that can’t make up their mind which set of losers they want to vote for.


*Foreign Policy? More like geography. Any fifth grader with a map knows Alaska is located near Russia, Governor Palin—-now what can you tell us about your foreign policy experience?


~ by Curry on October 2, 2008.

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