Bailout: Biggest Swindle since Iraq

Oh, Congressman Kucinich.

Asking the right questions.

Telling it like it is.

Fighting for the American people.

If only there were more people like you in government!

Unfortunately, not every member of the House of Representatives is as principled as you. Which means it’s the job of us, as citizens and constituents, to remind these people of their job.

What follows is our own reminders to two of our representatives in Congress. If you are against this ridiculous bailout scheme, we urge you all to write to your representatives. As Ralph Nader said, we need these people to be more scared of us (as voters) than they are of the corporate lobbyists in Washington.

Congressman Miller,

I, along with millions of other Californians and Americans, was extremely disappointed to see that you voted for the bailout on September 29th. By your actions, you have shown that you value a certain group of corporations more than the people you have been elected to represent.

This bailout is the biggest swindle yet proposed to the American people—after the Iraq war—and we know it. Paulson and his corporate cronies know it. And I would hope that you know it.

We taxpayers—who are being gouged left and right by gas prices, mortgages, food prices, and taxes to fund our illegal occupation of Iraq—are now being asked to shoulder the burden for reckless companies. If this country truly believes in the free market, why are we resorting to socialism to prop up these corporations? And if the Democratic Party truly represents the interests of working Americans, why are they supporting socialism for the wealthy before they support social programs for the disenfranchised? For the working class? It is a sad day when the Republicans prove more responsive to their constituents than the Democrats.

Congressman Miller, I note that you have been representative for California for a long time—since 1975, unless I’m mistaken. Well I can assure you that if you continue to vote for this outrageous bailout package, you will lose my vote and the votes of millions more like me. Just because this is California does not mean that you and other Democrats like you have our votes by default—you have to earn them! And voting for something that is blatantly against our interests is a surefire way to lose our votes.

I can tell you right now that I and thousands more from the 7th district are fed up with you and the other corporate Democrats, and we will be voting for Bill Callison of the Peace and Freedom Party if you do not do your job—represent the people!



Congresswoman Tauscher,

As a young college graduate, it is upsetting to watch women like you and Nancy Pelosi abuse the government offices with which you stand in. People die by the thousands due to lack of basic living necessities, and yet you continue to support the corporations sitting on top. Is this because of your history as an investment banker? Unfortunately as long as people like you show no concern for the dwindling middle to working class, it will continue to be a dark country for the rest of us. Of course you and Nancy want to bail out your friends so that next summer you can spend time on their severance package, vacationing away while the rest of Americans slave away minute by minute; never knowing what it feels like to be liberated for one moment from the capitalism system that works us even after death. Thank you for being as selfish as every other fascist Republican in the 21st century.




~ by Kimchi on October 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “Bailout: Biggest Swindle since Iraq”

  1. It’s going to take a while to get them voted out. I hope everyone in their own state or district is committed to that end.

    This is not a rescue package! We have been packaged and sold down the river!

  2. I hope so too, TRT. One potential good side effect of the meltdown is that it might serve as a wake up call from America’s apathetic slumber. More people need to get involved politics and reclaim our civic life!

    That’s a great summary of the bailout, by the way.

  3. […] does it again. Unfortunately, his courage and the courage of everyone who voted against the Bailout was not […]

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