John Cho: Kucinich Supporter

Here at Kimchurry, we are great admirers of the Harold and Kumar films (although White Castle is undoubtedly superior to Guantanamo Bay). As a Korean American (moi) and an Indian American (my lovely partner Curry), we see take inspiration from this famous duo. For those of you who haven’t seen the films, they’re more than just stoner films (although they are excellent examples of that genre)—they are also commentaries on race relations in America, from the perspective of minorities. I actually think that both Harold and Kumar films are more relevant than Crash, which I found to be superficial and highly overrated. And oh yeah, H & K is funnier.

Kimchurry are also great fans of actor Kal Penn (who played Kumar Patel) and John Cho (who played Harold Lee). While it’s well known that Kal Penn is a huge Obama supporter, it’s not as well known that John Cho was a supporter of Dennis Kucinich (D, Ohio) and his bid for the US Presidency earlier this year:

Kal Penn is pro-Obama, while Cho’s vote went to Dennis Kucinich. And now that Kucinich is out of the race? “I’m just listening as much as anyone else, but I haven’t gone to their Web sites.”

(Full Article from Asian Week)

Sounds like John Cho would fit in just fine here at Kimchurry. 😉

Cho is set to play Lieutenant Sulu in the upcoming Star Trek film.

And speaking of starships, some may remember that Kucinich was asked about his claim to have seen a UFO during the primaries. It’s really a shame that this incident became the focus of questions, rather than Congressman Kucinich’s support for a single-payer healthcare system, or his comprehensive exit strategy for Iraq, his support for clean energy alternatives and his impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney (the most impeachable President and Vice President in US history). That is all a million times more relevent, but as always the media focuses on the most insignificant trivia and irrelevent minutiae (Lipstick, anyone? How about flag-pins?).

And really, when you look at the current state of our nation and the economy, I’ll take a President who sees UFOs over a President who sees CEOs any day of the week.


~ by Kimchi on October 1, 2008.

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