Feminism Takes Another Dive

This morning as I finished a cup of non-Starbucks coffee, I read an alarming article regarding Palin’s decision to charge rape victims for forensic examination kits:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — When Sarah Palin was mayor of Wasilla, the city billed sexual assault victims and their insurance companies for the cost of rape kits and forensic examinations.

Palin had been in office for four years when the practice of charging rape victims got the attention of state lawmakers in 2000, who passed a bill to stop the practice.

Former Democratic Rep. Eric Croft, who sponsored that bill, said he was disappointed that simply asking the Wasilla police department to stop didn’t work. Croft said he doubts she was unaware of the practice.

I asked myself several questions that  I only hope other young American, especially women should also wonder, what is being implied by this? Not only is Palin infringing on another right ( I guess I’d be considered optimistic talking about citizen’s rights…?) in terms of being able to file an investigation and not have to be billed for the process, but she is also creating a roadblock so that only women who can afford to pay for a kit be able to make an outcry. Ignoring the fact that any type of physical examination is pure hell with metal rods and tweezers, it is especially difficult for something as traumatic as sexual assault. If it isn’t already bad enough that Palin is completely pro-life, does she need to push women into a corner this badly? Palin’s measures in Alaska also makes it possible for a father who rapes his daughter to get away with it, because under her regulation, the daughter will not able to seek an abortion without consent from her parent.

Is this really the same person the media compares to Hillary Clinton?

In no way am I an advocate of the most recent power-driven behavior Hillary depicted in her presidential campaign, but I will credit her this much- Hillary Clinton, from being a student at Wellesley College to becoming Senator of NY, she is an accomplished woman with an impressive track record.  It is shocking to beleive that solely on the concept of gender, Hillaristas have run to embrace Palin, without truly looking at the issues Palin represents.

If Chelsea, at age 17 became pregnant, I doubt Bill and Hillary would have forced her to conceive and taken her right away to elect out of the pregnancy.

This phenomenon of women running and supporting any main-stream party candidate that wears a bra on the basis of their gender is repulsive, because it shows the extent to which American voters rely on superficial factors to decide which candidate is ideal. If women truly wanted to make a statement, than they would vote for Cynthia McKinney– a black woman courageous enough to run for President. Or, they would look at Ralph Nader/Matt Gonzalez’ platfom that also incorporates both an Arab and a Mexican that speak about women’s issues and fully support a liberal/progressive outlook.

My critique also extends to Americans that immediately supported Obama because they envision him as a young Martin Luther King. Obama is a sell out corporate crook who has openly stated that the bills he supported majority were introduced by Bush himself. Just because his wife Michelle is also black does not mean that they should be given one’s solid backing.

This election reveals the immature mindset that Americans continue to perpetuate, because if candidates can be watered down to nothing more than ethnic labels, how can liberals say they have a progressive platform? It is not progressive to continue viewing people as objects of color, or as model representation of intangible aspects like race/gender/ethnicity/religion because it makes us appear as though we operate under a pre-civil rights movement attitude.

Furthermore, the notion that the presidential candidate should reflect the “average American” is completely erroneous. I highly doubt that the average American woman can afford Palin’s Versace glasses or Clinton’s fashion consultant. Neither of these women discuss or even embody the problems and challenges that middle/working and even lower class women feel. If either women knew what it was like for a young, working single mom that has to ask herself “can I leave my baby alone for a few hours while I work?” ( since day care is ultra-expensive) Have either of them felt the burden of medical expenses for a family? The answer is no because they both represent only the small 10% of Americans that live privileged lives.

If Americans truly wanted a President that represented them, or at least the qualities they wish to exhibit, than shouldn’t qualities also have standards? Why is stupidity ranked #1?  Americans, only when they choose to be, are ignorant.  Why not choose candidates that posess poise, intelligence, creativity and multiculturalism. Does Palin speak multiple languages? no! Who does? Nader and Gonzalez both speak English and Spanish, ( that’s over half the population of America, don’t tell me you can’t self-identify with that!) Nader speaks Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish and English! He has also studied Chinese and Russian in college, why is this not valued? Why is Palin’s ability to skin a moose more prestigious than being a polyglot?

Viewing candidates through a superficial screen like stopping at “Who can I self identify with?” or “They’re black/female….” only produces equally superficial results. Isn’t it time American presidents began to take their job more seriously than their image? At this point, women in America might as well go back to spending time in beauty salons because the message being sent is that unless you’re dressed up in a stylish pair of red glasses or a stay at home, you’re not credentialed enough to be president.

~ by Curry on October 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Feminism Takes Another Dive”

  1. Wow, I can’t believe how much your guys are right.
    As for Palin wanting to charge for rape kits? What a grand ole “F-U” to all the [present and future] victims! Do they want us to swab ourselves now, or what?! You’d think that people would receive some sort of decency..!!

    GAH !!!

    I miss you guys :o(

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and linking in, Carla. We miss you too. 😦

    Yeah, the Palin thing is outrageous. I can’t tell if it’s like something out of a distopian future, or a barbaric past. Either way these kinds of policies have no place in our present!

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